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4 Ways Your MSP Can Backup Cloud Services for the Client

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With Cloud Located Services becoming extremely popular with Medium and small (SMB) sized companies, IT Managed Providers (MSP’s) discover that the onus of maintaining servers and copying data no more falls together, but instead using the Cloud Vendor.

Take Located Exchange for example – something like Microsoft ‘office’ 365 has zero Microsoft Exchange maintenance needs, and all sorts of information is supported and stored safely inside a Microsoft Data-center.

Or perhaps is it? Microsoft are not by yourself in suffering outages for his or her Cloud Located services, as well as for many MSP’s ideas have switched to how they may supplement the Cloud Providers backups using their own systems of backup and redundancy.

Adding such services could be a real value add for any client within an industry where margins on Cloud Services are usually slim.

Listed here are 4 areas your IT Support business might help your customers back-in the Cloud.

E-Mail Continuity

E-Mail is core to a lot of clients companies, and thus making certain that e-mail is constantly on the flow whenever a Cloud Services are experiencing an outage is really a belt and braces approach that lots of clients would want to consider. Furthermore, the bog standard e-mail security items that are supplied with lots of Cloud Services implies that Junk e-mail and false-positives, or legitimate e-mails incorrectly marked as junk e-mail, can nonetheless be an issue.

The answer is based on supplying both redundancy along with a better grade of junk e-mail filtering, using better of breed products for e-mail filtering.

By re-directing the clients MX record within DNS to a third party e-mail filtering product for example GFI Max Mail or Exchange Defender, after which configuring that plan to deliver e-mail towards the Cloud Located service, the consumer gains the advantage of better e-mail security, along with a second Website to go to if the Cloud Located e-mail service suffer an outage.

Furthermore, such e-mail filtering services typically offer the choice to archive off e-mails – helping the consumer achieve both internal and regulatory standards, although adding another recurring revenue source for your MSP business.


Beyond e-mail, a clients web-website is frequently certainly one of their most significant Cloud Located services, and something of the most vulnerable. Many a smaller sized MSP will re-tell a tale of methods their customers Web-Site was hacked and wound up displaying a Political motivated message or worse. Something for example CodeGuard helps to ensure that your customers web-website is regularly and instantly supported, to ensure that in case of a breach or accident that can take an internet-site off-line, you are able to rapidly reinstate your clients web-site to its former condition.

Social Networking

Similarly, Cloud service Backupify enables users to instantly backup other Cloud Located services for example GoogleMail, Flickr, Facebook (including company fan-pages) as well as Twitter – making certain when the Cloud Company loses data, or whether or not the user accidentally destroys their very own data, a backup can be obtained for restoration.

Data Backup

Another service that’s gaining recognition is Managed On-line Backup. These types of services is often as simple or as complex as the client needs. Within this model, backups of significant documents along with other data occur instantly based on an agenda to some cloud data-center. The good thing about this kind of services are that the good Managed On-line Backup service will help you to schedule backups at downtimes, for example after work hours.

Where automatic backup isn’t feasible, MSP’s will also help their customers backup Cloud Service data on the manual basis. On-Line Accounting and Crm (CRM) services frequently provide the facility to export data one apply for backup purposes – so the MSP can set a recurring ticket inside their Expertise Automation (PSA) or CRM tool to make sure that either they or even the client download this data and store it inside a secure location, whether it is on-site, or with another Cloud Backup tool.


Whatever the Cloud Services the consumer uses, being an MSP you’ve both a duty as well as an chance to deal with these types of services as an on-site service – making certain the information is supported regularly.

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